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Flying Twitter Badge, Ver-1.0

Attention-grabbing Twitter Badge

Credits : Sweet Rivals

Why Flying Twitter Badge?

Why Flying Twitter Badge?

Are you gaining Twitter followers? If not, then maybe it’s because you need a new Twitter badge. We know that it’s easy to stick with the boring old fashioned default Twitter logo that gets lost in the clutter of icons in a sidebar or footer. But guess what – it’s just as easy to have a custom, attention-grabbing, memorable Flying Twitter badge that will catch the eye and bring in the clicks.

Version Details

Version :1.0  | Released :15.03.11 | Size :4.0kb | Type :Free























Installation Guide

Installation guide:-

1. Click on Download button.
2. Enter your Twitter username and click ok.
3. Copy and paste code in the between <head> code </head> section of your web page.

And you are done!!

-Virus :)